Compression wear is a clothing attribute that not only looks sleek but also feels slimming as well. Get the complete support on your body you’re looking for while feeling like you’re barely wearing anything. Instant Slim’s IS Pro USA line of men’s compression sleeve accessories can provide you with all of the above and so much more. Whether you need extra support or slimming care across your waist, elbows, knees or ankles, we have extensive options for any male body types available. Our line of powerful compression sleeves is an essential wardrobe necessity for men who are physically active, on the go, into a sport or literally just don’t have time for pain or discomfort in their life. This is an impeccable solution to any joint pain one has or extra support one might need on an extremity. Whether you are looking for reinforcement for your wrists, elbows, knees or calves, we make the top-of-the-line product that could make your daily life easier and pain free. These compression sleeves were created with active men in mind to improve upon any pain they may consistently have or provide a slip-on prop to enrich their body’s movements. These impressive sleeves are made from the patented material all our other product lines were created with. With our special blend of 72% nylon and 28% spandex fibers along with a single layer compression that allows for 24-hour use, you can’t get any better than these. Keep your knee in place while you run or compress your elbow while you sleep with these ever-popular sleeves. Not to mention our attractive color options as well! Shop for your size today and receive instant compression comfort.
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