Recovering from any type of surgery is not the most comfortable time of someone’s life. Even with cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck or thigh liposuction, the healing process afterwards does take a bit of time to overcome. Don’t just settle for your normal, everyday clothes during this post-operation period. Order some of our Instant Recovery compression bodysuits to improve your quality of life while your new body is still transitioning. Don’t stick with confining, scratchy, loose clothing; move, stretch, twist and turn anyway you want with our compression bodysuits! The magic is in the fabric. The consistent pressure of the compression fabric helps support new skin lines or incisions, increases blood circulation throughout the body and energizes your body’s immune system for optimal recovery efforts. Help your cosmetic surgeon’s beautiful work by purchasing post-surgical bodysuits to wear while your skin heals to its new state. Keeping everything compressed after a tummy tuck, lower back procedure or buttocks reshaping is essential in mending the human body after any invasive surgery. Help your body do what it needs to do while still feeling comfortable in your own skin .Just like our other Instant Figure brands, this Instant Recovery bodysuit line is made out of our unique and patented blend of 72% nylon and 28% spandex right here in the United States. This line of compression shapewear is super discreet under any type of clothing and is made with a single layer of compression material that allows for 24+hour use, even while sleeping. The healing process never stops so get a compression bodysuit that allows you to consistently wear without even noticing it. We can guarantee your satisfaction with any of our post-surgical compression garment choices and stand by that statement! Don’t wait until after your operation; purchase these doctor recommended shapewear items before you go under the knife so you can have them right and ready for use! Prepare for your post-surgery mending time with Instant Recovery’s popular line of bodysuits and save big on stress. Order your size today and live comfortably with your new body day in and day out. Your body will be thanking you!

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