There’s nothing better than finding your favorite workout gear line that makes you feel motivated to get your sweat on. We know men should have the same selection of compression gear as women do, which is exactly why we created our IS Pro USA line for men! Our team at Instant Figure has now taken their expertise and patented designs over to the men’s side of compression apparel.Everything you see in our IS Pro USA men’s line of compression workout gear were created with the same concept in mind as the Insta Slim brand: high quality, long lasting slimming comfort. All the men’s t-shirts, tank tops, V-neck sleeveless tops, jackets and compression shirts above are guaranteed to fit perfectly, keep you comfortable all day long and instantly slim your upper body down as soon as you pull these on. You won’t ever have to shop around anywhere else to find the perfect men’s compression apparel; you’ve found them right here!All available styles provide men across the World with many different options for their personal style and body type. Aside from the patented slimming material each of these pieces are made of, there’s also many different color options for your selected taste as well. Go with the simple black or vamp it up and stand out with one of our two-toned tops. Whatever your style depicts, you’ll find the perfect pieces to enhance your wardrobe.IS Pro USA is a brand you can trust and rely on no matter what physical activity you’re into. No other brand on the compression market measures up to our spandex and nylon designs, we’ll guarantee that. Even if you’re not looking for such slimming men’s tops for fitness reasons, but rather just daily under wear items, these will work just as well! All our products are versatile, meaning you can rock them by themselves in the gym or out hiking, or just wear a simple compression t-shirt under your business wear daily too to feel slim all day long. No matter your vice, our men’s compression apparel line is for you. Shop today!

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