If you are a female who is into working out, playing tennis, running, cycling or anything else active, you know that wearing the best clothing to workout in is so important. You want to be comfortable yet functional while looking your best too. That’s where compression wear for women come in to play. Wear the top-of-the-line compression shirts, tank tops, jackets and more from Instant Figure to feel your best, look your best, and have that extra jump in motivation to crush your workout. Why not add a slimming component to all that too? Instant Figure has a new line of instantly slimming compression activewear for women that is all the rage: IF Pro.Women know that the clothing and gear you wear to work out or play a sport in is so essential to your performance. You won’t play as hard or push yourself as far if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. Invest in the best compression tops a girl can buy to save yourself from hitting that un-motivating wall. The company of Instant Figure was created and owned by a woman, so you know the style, fit, structure and feeling of everything our company makes is made exactly how you would want it to be. Take your gym workouts and outdoor activities to the next level with our IF Pro line of active wear tops, jacket and bras.You won’t have to worry about quality either; Monir’s Instant Figure line is always made from her patented slimming technology that lasts forever and really works. Every piece we sell in our IF Pro line is 100% guaranteed to slim your figure down instantly while keeping you comfortable during any strenuous activities.Not only do women across America purchase our products, women across the world are also reaping the benefits of our compression tops as well. Try them for yourself today and we promise you’ll be addicted for life!

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